Monday, March 23, 2015

FOOD SAVINGS TIP - Lemons - Save Your Lemons by giving them a good Soaking

Lemons soaking in water, Pic by Don Bobbitt


This is something we can all do.

I try to use at least one Lemon a day, either in my cooking or just sliced and dropped into my drinking water.

Well, if you haven't noticed our American grown Lemons are costing more than ever.

The main reason is that European and Asian countries, especially in China are buying up our American fresh fruits and vegetables so our supermarket suppliers have to purchase the lower quality replacements to sell to us.

Anyway, typically, you will find that buying  small bag of Lemons (as well as other fruits and vegetables) is cheaper than picking through the individual ones on display, when you do a cost analysis by weight.

One of the problems with purchasing so many Lemons is that, after a week or two sitting in your kitchen your lemons will start to shrink, or shrivel up.

What happens is that they lose some of their moisture over time and start to look bad.

I learned a nice trick to rejuvenate my shriveled up Lemons. Place them into a bowl of clean water and let them sit overnight. The next day, you will see that your Lemons look great again, after they have soaked up some of that water.