Friday, July 3, 2015

OFF GRID - How to Build a Solar Food Dryer, what a good food dehydrator must be.

The biggest problem with growing your own foods tends to be the amount of excess food you end up with when your crops start coming in.

Of course you will CAN as much of your excess foods as you are able to, but one other option that should be considered, is building and using your own solar dehydrator.

A Solar Dryer is a simple device actually that exists for one purpose, to use the heat of the sun to dry your foods for use in the off-season periods of the year.

Comparison of replacing your Roof, info from Mother Earth News

I have followed and I often read the Mother Earth News.

The magazine, their books, and their web site are all fantastic sources of solid information that I believe everyone should follow or at lest keep up with.

Because I live in Florida, a roof doesn't have nearly as long a lifespan as it might in less harsh climates, so even though my roof is only ten years old, I am watching and waiting for that day to come when I need to replace the roof on my house.