Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Grow BROCCOLI in a pot, indoor gardening tips for year round foods

Broccoli Blossum

Broccoli is such a healthy food for us all. And, its sad to say, Broccoli is actually a seasonal plant and is normally not available year round.

OK!  Yes, these days, you will find Broccoli in supermarkets throughout the year, and even though you might squirm a little over the price, you will pick it up and take it home for your family.

Of course, "out of season" Broccoli, like so many other vegetables and fruits that we eat these days are imported from other countries, and shipped to the US.
I will not go into the many potential health hazards of imported foods these days, here.

But, for your information, Broccoli happens to be a vegetable that lends itself well to growth indoors. click on the link below to read a very good article about how to successfully grow your own "potted Broccoli".

The article below is a HubPages article written by fellow HP writer, "ZACH".

Grow Broccoli Indoors

by Don Bobbitt, 2014