This site is designed to be a quick reference for those of us that I call Retro-Survivalists.

So what is a Retro-Survivalist?

I define a Retro-Survivalist is someone who feels that there must be; healthier, cheaper and safer ways to do things in this modern world of ours than what is thrust at us by the big corporations of the world.

Retro-Survivalists also believe that even though we humans have a longer life expectancy than ever, we are literally inundated, every day of our lives, with products that are loaded with strange chemicals and additives.

And we feel that our bodies should not be subjected to foods and especially medicines with ingredients that have so many dangerous side effects just so the; growers, producers, packers and retailers can make even larger profits.

A Retro-Survivalist is just someone who believes that at least some of the ways of living and taking care of ourselves that were popular in the times of our ancestors are probably still applicable today, if we only knew how they were done.

We want to stop being misled by advertisers and know exactly what we are being fed and treated with. We not only want to know what the corporations are putting into our foods and medications, but we also want to have other healthier options available for us to choose from. 

We want clearly defined options that we can select from that also clearly explain any potential health risks of our selection options.

We want more natural foods, and access to safer methods to grow and prepare our own foods, as well as ways to treat the simpler human illnesses like our forebears did.

The Retro-Survivalist also wants to know how to treat the more common ailments with safer and more natural plants, oils and supplements rather than with synthetically manufactured drugs and medicines that are full of numerous potentially hazardous ingredients.

Many of these new drugs and their ingredients are introduced to the public as being true wonders of science, at first, only to be shown to have disastrous side effects when used over a long period of time.

The Retro-Survivalist does want to enjoy his or her modern conveniences, especially when it comes to foods and medicines but we also wants to have access to the choices that are more natural and healthy for ourselves and our children.

And, if the big corporations will not be proactive and make the nation’s health their top priority, then we want access to the knowledge of how to grow our own, healthier foods in some limited manner where we control the process ourselves.

This site is designed to designed to provide information and ideas that can help you understand how to buy safer and healthier foods, how to grow some of your own foods, and how to make you and your family more self-sufficient and healthy.

Do you want to use simple age-old and proven healthy medicines made from natural ingredients to treat at least some of your family’s ailments?

Do you want to just rely less on the decisions of the big corporations for your daily life and health needs.

Do you want to know how to treat simple physical injuries and health problems with natural ingredients and simple but safe procedures easily controlled by yourself rather than constantly visiting doctors who dole out chemicals like candy?

This site contains plants foods and herbs that can be cultivated or even found growing wild. Each item will include pictures, descriptions of the plant, its food and/or health uses and suggested medical applications.
There will be suggested health and medical applications, both those that have been used for centuries in parts of the world and others that have not been proven but are purported to work.

This site will also describe many of the personal skills that a Survivalist will need in their day-to-day lives, such as construction skills, Tool and Equipment construction skills and Living Crafts.

If you feel the need to know such things and apply them to your life then read on and learn more about surviving in this modern world of ours and if you possibly even want to begin using some of the more natural health and medical facts that other cultures around the world have relied on, for centuries; then you should follow this Blog.

Here you will have access to a range and variety of valuable information presented so that perhaps you will become a Retro-Survivalist yourself.